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Soft Tissue Oral Biopsy in Bedford, Texas

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When your general dentist or primary care physician is concerned with a spot or lump in your mouth, he or she may send you to see an oral surgeon for a biopsy. Our board-certified periodontist, Dr. Donald Steinberg, accepts referrals for patients with suspect pathological processes, or possible cancerous tumors. When the skin in your mouth is not a natural pink or coral shade, we consider this a red flag. At DFW Implant Team, we can provide you with a soft tissue biopsy (lip, cheek, gum, tongue, palate, or a combination of places inside or around the mouth) for oral disease at our Bedford, TX office. Please call our office today to schedule your appointment.

Reasons for Biopsy

Why would you need a soft tissue oral biopsy? At DFW Implant Team, we receive many referrals from area primary care physicians and general dentists who have a patient with a suspicious area of the gum, tongue, inside the cheek, on the roof of the mouth, and more. We are able to biopsy the area to be sent off to a laboratory for analysis. Some of the reasons for a biopsy are:

  • A bleeding sore that refuses to heal

  • A solid lump or a thick layer of skin on the inside of the mouth

  • Hoarseness or sore throats that never go away

  • Area of the mouth that makes it painful to chew or swallow

  • Red or white patches in or around the oral cavity


Every patient will have a different treatment plan designed specifically for the procedure's needs to accommodate the area of concern. Dr. Steinberg and his team of highly experienced surgical assistants will explain to you how the procedure will work in full detail and answer your questions before the day of the biopsy. We do offer 3 different types of sedation methods, and will numb the area before proceeding. 

Other Considerations

Outside sources, who refer their patients to DFW Implant Team, are usually:

  • Primary Care Physicians

  • General Dentists

  • Infectious Disease Specialists

  • Internist

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We can schedule your appointment for a consultation or from a referral from your trusted physician or dentist. We want to make sure that you are on the road to better health, and the first step in the right direction is to know what we should be treating you for, and that can be accomplished with a soft tissue oral biopsy. Call today and talk to our friendly front office staff to make your appointment at your earliest convenience.

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