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Osseous Surgery in Bedford, Texas

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Bad breath, bleeding gums, and tartar buildup are all the tell-tale signs of gum disease. These symptoms can lead to irreversible damage to your gums and can destroy the structures that hold your teeth in place. Gum disease is a chronic disease that spreads far beneath what you can see with the naked eye, however, this cannot be controlled without a team of periodontic professionals. When the deep cleaning (also known as scaling and root planning) provided by your periodontist is not enough to ward off gum disease, you may need a more aggressive treatment like osseous surgery.

Our board-certified periodontist, Dr. Donald Steinberg in Bedford, TX, provides gum disease patients with this type of procedure to reduce pockets of bacteria within the gums that can cause an infection so severe that it will damage the bone around the teeth. This leads ultimately to the loss of your teeth. We want to try to prevent that happening with osseous surgery at DFW Implant Team. To find out if periodontal osseous surgery can improve your oral health, contact our experienced team and board-certified periodontist for an evaluation today.


Osseous surgery effectively eliminates defects and irregularities of the bone in order reduce deep pockets and simplify oral hygiene. In a sophisticated same-day procedure, Dr. Steinberg will use local anesthetics to numb the gum tissue. Next, the gum tissue will be gently pulled away from the teeth and the area will be cleaned thoroughly to remove diseased tissue and tartar buildup. The damaged surface of the bone will be smoothed and recontoured, and the gum tissue will be repositioned. Frequently bone grafing is utilized for defects. Sutures will be used to stabilize the tissues as they heal.

Aftercare Treatment

Follow all of Dr. Steinberg's post-surgery instructions given to you before the surgery, and call us if you experience excessive bleeding and/or pain, or have any other concerns. When you have advanced gum inflammation, it is important to keep all of your annual check-ups and cleanings so that your dentist can track the changes in your gum tissue, tooth health, and signs of tooth decay, before more serious and expensive procedures need to take place to correct it.

Other Considerations

Did you know that by leveling the irregularities and promoting an even bone height and gum line, Dr. Steinberg can actually enhance the effectiveness of your oral hygiene efforts with osseous surgery? This surgery will enable you to be more thorough in removing toxic plaque and bacteria from the surfaces surrounding each tooth. You will also be more confident in knowing that there are no inaccessible pockets to harbor toxic bacteria.

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We want to extend an invitation to you for a consultation if you may need osseous surgery to decrease the pockets in your gum line that trap bacteria in places a tooth brush or a dentist can not reach. Dr. Steinberg and his friendly team will provide you excellent care and chair side manner, and quality preventative care that will leave you smiling.

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