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Oral Cancer Exam in Bedford, Texas

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Make the life-saving decision to have an oral cancer screening at your next dental appointment or follow-up. At DFW Implant Team in Bedford, TX, we believe in a proactive attitude when it comes to our patient's health. We advise all of our valued patients to have a healthy lifestyle, keep up with dental examinations, and follow a dedicated dental hygiene regimen. We also suggest a screening for oral cancer or other oral pathologies that can contribute to poor or chronic health conditions. We know that, unfortunately, some health conditions cannot be prevented. Oral cancer, for example, strikes millions of patients each year, and research shows that 25% of these victims are considered low-risk, have no history of cancer, and/or have no indications of the typical predisposing cancer factors.  We combat these problems with routine examinations.

Dr. Donald Steinberg is a board-certified periodontist with the skills and experience to screen and identify cancers found in the mouth. Since periodontists are most familiar with determining the state of health or disease within the oral cavity, these specialists are the natural choice in the battle against oral cancer. 


We will begin your oral cancer screening with a clinical or visual examination. When necessary, enhanced examinations using varied wavelengths of light, X-rays, or tissue biopsies to assist Dr. Steinberg in the diagnosis. Enhanced examinations enable our periodontist to identify changes in the tissues at the cellular level, well before the changes can be seen with the naked eye.

Detection of pathologies in the earliest stages will have a significant possibility of successful treatment, and a full recovery may be expected. Waiting until you are able to visualize a change in your own tissues, or waiting until you experience pain may be a decision that decreases your chances of a favorable outcome. In fact, many cancers are never visible during a self-examination, and do not result in pain until the very latest stages.

Other Considerations

Making the decision to request an oral cancer screening, even if you are a healthy, non-smoker with no prior history of cancer, is a choice that can save your life. Patients over the age of 18 should receive an oral cancer examination at least once a year. Patients who notice an abnormality, such as a lesion in their mouth, should see a dentist as soon as possible. Schedule your screening by contacting our office serving the DFW area today.

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At his office in Bedford, TX, Dr. Steinberg uses the latest in oral health technology to diagnose his patients with suspect conditions to give them more treatment options. We do accept referrals for oral cancer screening examinations from your primary dentist. Please call and schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

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