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Gum Grafting in Bedford, Texas

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Your trusted general dentist may have referred you to our DFW Implant Team practice to help treat your receding gums from advanced gum disease, or after a trauma has impacted your gums. We understand that gum disease can wreak havoc on your oral health. Our board-certified periodontist, Dr. Donald Steinberg, will provide you with a private consultation and examination to review the complexity of your gum condition. He may also recommend other treatments in combination with the grafting for optimal oral health, such as a deep cleaning, antibiotic treatment for infections, and more frequent dental exams to review the progress. We want to help you keep your teeth healthy and supported.

Reasons for Treatment

During your consultation with Dr. Steinberg, you will discuss the type of treatment needed to manage or treat your level of periodontal disease or your gum line. If it is determined that you need gum grafting, we can rebuild the lost gum tissue so that your teeth and gums are easier to clean, decrease tooth sensitivity, and delay root decay that leads to tooth loss. A recessed gum line makes your teeth more vulnerable to cavities, gum disease, and potentially really extensive dental problems.


As a minor oral surgery, gum grafting is a procedure where Dr. Steinberg will remove a section of the healthy, soft oral tissue from your own mouth and reattach it to the area of recession all while you are under a local anesthetic, and possibly an oral or IV sedative. Over time, the additional tissue will merge into the existing tissue to fill in and create plump, pink gums. 

Other Considerations

After surgery, our staff will give you aftercare instruction on how to care for your gums. Here are a few friendly reminders:

  • Practice great oral hygiene to keep the surgical site, including flossing every day

  • Please do not smoke or use tobacco products

  • A healthy body will heal faster if you avoid stress

  • Recruit a friend or relative to listen to the post-operative instructions along with you (you may not remember them if you are under the influence of sedatives and pain relievers)

  • Make sure to have nutritious foods at home for after your surgery, because you’ll be limited to a relatively soft and mild diet, and your medications may prevent you from driving to the grocery store

  • If you have any concerns or questions after the procedure, please call our office for assistance

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Your Beautiful Smile

Some of our patients have resorted to not smiling because they are embarrassed by their gum line. We want you to rediscover your beautiful smile. Gum recession is a common condition for adults over 40 years of age, but can happen to anyone at any age. At DFW Implant Team with Dr. Steinberg, you can have a gum grafting procedure to restore the pink, plump flesh that is needed for a less "toothy smile." If you would like to learn more about grafting surgery for your receding gums, call and schedule a consultation today.

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